Euro 2012

Euro 2012 stadiums in Poland

Euro 2012 stadiums in Poland
Warsaw – The National Stadium
The National Stadium in Warsaw which has a capacity of 60 thousand seats will be built in the place where at present is the 10th Anniversary Stadium. According to current conception the National Stadium is expected to be the main element of a sports-recreational centre.
The National Stadium is expected to be one of the main centres of the European Football Championships Euro 2012, where according to the original scheme it will be played among others: the opening match, some of the group matches, one quarter-final and one semi-final.

At the end of 2010, there are preparations for elevating the roof line structure are at the final stage. The canopy frame has been mounted onto the spire, above the future ‘garage’ of the movable roof. The arranging and joining of upper lines has been finished.

The plants of Mostostal are finishing the elements of the so-called sub-construction, to which the elevation of the aluminium mesh will be fitted.
As regards the outdoor works, the 9th of the 22 flights of terrain stairs is being constructed. Changing the construction of these stairs and using partly pre-fabricated elements makes it possible to build them in spite of temperatures below zero. The north-west and north-east retaining walls are at various stages of progress.

Gdańsk – Baltic Arena
Baltic Arena in Gdańsk which has a capacity of 44 thousand seats will be situated  outside the territory of the shipyard. An urban development project called „The Young City” which involves restructuring the post-shipyard areas is aimed at bringing the Baltic metropolis closer to the water.
Baltic Arena Stadium is regarded to be the most attractive project of the stadium among all objects which were offered by Poland and Ukraine for Euro 2012 matches. Its shape, especially in graphic symbols for night – resembles amber.
The cost of investment which according to scheme will be finished around 2011 is estimated at about 900 mln zlotys.

Poznań – City Stadium
Poznan’s City Stadium modernisation works started at the Bułgarska Street Stadium in 2004.
A part of the earth embankments behind one of the goals on which stands were erected got pulled down in 2005 to be replaced with a modern stand with 8,000 seats. The new stand was inaugurated on March 10, 2007. With the new stand, the stadiums capacity grew to a total of 24,166 seats. Ultimately, also the stands along the sidelines will be replaced. Three storey high, they will grow the stadium’s capacity to 44,000 seats. In 2005, the main pitch was fitted with a heating system.

Apart from the main pitch, the Bułgarska stadium complex house four full size training pitches, one small-size pitch with artificial grass and a sport hall with a 40×20 pitch and artificial grass.

There’s also a car park for about 4000 parking spots
Wrocław – Wrocław Stadium
Olympic Stadium built in the interwar period is a stadium proposed by Wrocław in the official offer of Poland and Ukraine on Euro 2012.
According to conception of stadium conversion it is expected to reach capacity over 40 thousand seats and is expected to be a part of sports center, with a swimming pool, a sports hall, a shooting range, tennis courts and also shop centres and gastronomic centres.

The assembly of 4-thousand-ton steel roof construction will last until March 2011.

The Wrocław stadium will accommodate about 42 thousand of spectators. It will be a multifunctional facility, where in addition to football matches, other events like concerts will be organized. Under tribunes where are four separate buildings, where the largest fitness club, casino, disco and conference rooms and offices in Wroclaw will be built.

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