Euro 2012

Maintenance for Euro 2012 stadiums to be costly

With less than three months before the Euro 2012, Polish and Ukrainian co-host cities are desperately trying to come up with models to generate funds to cover the exorbitant costs of maintaining stadia after the Euro 2012 championships.
Euro 2012 stadiums costs are higher by half  than similar objects in RSA or in Germany.
Host cities are planning events to do not end up forking out a fortune to cover incurred costs.
One stadium need at least 6 huge events per year to generate enough money to operate on its own.
Host cities appointed permanent companies to manage stadiums.
Wroclaw is one of good example of well management stadium
Wroclaw authorities were confident the stadium would generate money as it was situated in a superb location and was also a tourist destination.
At least three grand events apart from the Euro 2012 European Football Championships will take part at the Wrocław stadium in 2012. The events are Prince’s concert, a friendly football match between Brazil and Japan in October 2012.
Finally, during holidays, on July 2012 Wroclaw football team Slask Wroclaw will host a tournament between European well known teams of Tottenham, Borussia Dortmund and Shakhtar Donetsk.

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