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5 South American teams to compete in 2014 FIFA World Cup

In the last leg of the qualifiers for the 2014 FIFA World Cup the South American Zone lived up their reputation for being the toughest and most evenly matched of all qualifying competitors. 5 Contenders battled their way through the stage and at the end, 5 contenders all made it through. All 5 South American teams will now go head to head in the World Cup in Brazil starting on the 12 June 2014.
The 5 South American team’s journey to Brazil has been memorable for many reasons. When more than 220,000 tickets become available in the 2nd sales window on Monday 11 November they are sure to be snapped up quickly by those who want to try and see at least one of the South American teams in action. Tickets to the first 57 matches are available on a first come, first serve basis and the demand is expected to be high.
In the South American Zone qualifiers Argentina’s success was predicted but Columbia and Uruguay where less expected. For these 2 teams going through to the 2014 World Cup must have been the football equivalent of winning the jackpot at LuckyNugget as they were not expected to perform so well. Ecuador had a difficult journey to Brazil and the death of their leading striker Cristian Benitez could have easily thrown them off course, but they persevered and made it through.
The 5 South American teams going to the 2014 FIFA World Cup are: Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Uruguay.
These 5 teams have been called the strongest ever contingent to be sent to a World Cup and they have a home side advantage. Of 7 World Cups held in the America’s all 7 have been won by South American teams and with Brazil as the hosts they automatically are through to the tournament without even having to play in the qualifiers.

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